Management – Team



Saritha Developers as a prominent builder traces its path to the vision of Rajendra Reddy, an Engineer from profession who returned to India after a Brief stint in USA to Deliver Process he learnt and values he believed.  Soon he boarded Karan Bindal as managing partner, a prominent industrialist who shared similar values and belief and bought a diversified skills set and management expertise in the organization.

The mainstay of the organization remains in identifying lands at locations which can be most convenient yet affordable to budget segment flat buyers.


An Engineer by qualification, he had a early exposure to working with large corporates in US before relocating to India. Passionate for Sustainable buildings, perseverance for quality and with an eye for detailing, he handles land acquisition, architecture and construction, grandeur buildings with detailed aesthetics and engineering perfection is his single focus mantra. These qualities result in near perfect execution of our projects, giving us great feedback from our customers.


Post graduate in marketing, with previous stint in corporate into loyalty management and corporate communication. A multi-faceted business man with vested Partnership into investment funds, Starts Up Incubations, Industries and trades and varied consulting, Karan Handles Sales, Procurement & Operations and Customer Care in the organization. Ensuring every customer delight and honoring every commitment to every associate is his zeal for growth.

The Team

“We believe in personal attention and a lean structure so that everyone associated with us is having faster approachability and work flow Process”

An experienced team with a combined experience of more than 20 years in handling various construction projects. Core team is with the group since inception and they they understand the expectation of company, the quality standards and the customer experience we wish to deliver. The Team strives to Constantly Deliver the value we stand for.


    • Keen to deliver the quality promised.
    • Focused to hand over on time.
    • Longing to help you with alterations in your flat.
    • Ensuring your Grahpravesha and shifting is at ease.
    • Willing to resolve immediately on time post-handover issues.

Process Adhered

    1. Engineering team have their own time lines and checklist.
    2. Pre and Post hand over they have to co-ordinate and get checklist signed with each customers to ensure everything is par expectation.
    3. Apart from this the builder checks every flat personally and is accessible to every customer as required.
    4. Before handover Resident association and combined team of builder and engineers meet 3 to 4 times or as apt to inspect everything is in order.
    5. Builder supports association members to ensure all commitments are excelled and then only hands over the apartment.
    6. Post-handover any customer can approach the developer in case of any unforeseen issue.

A young dynamic team of Relationship managers supported with experienced back end team of IT and CRM is always raring to share and help all customers with needful information.


    • Always willing to give you complete information with transparency.
    • No over commitments.
    • To support you with right information and updates periodically.
    • Seeking help of senior management/ engineers if any changes required in your flat.
    • To advice on best loans process and legalities.

Process Adhered

    1. Sales team have been guided to give all information to potential customer correctly and not to overcommit or misguide for generating closures.
    2. Post Confirmation of booking, client meets the promoters directly.
    3. Information to agreements, loans, handover, compliances and completion are directly shared by management to every customer.

The teams ensure progress of project is on time schedule.  Vendor planning and management, quality control and payments of vendors and sub-contractors is the vital lifeline of the projects. Thus this team acts a bridge to ensure precise quality and timely delivery of projects.

Key Values

    • Quality materials from best of vendors and to engage professional sub-contractors.
    • Constant research on latest technology and products.
    • Delivery for right acceleration and ensuring project progress
    • Helping customers with right vendors and material for their interiors thus saving them cost and time.

Process Adhered

    1. Each item is specified by architect or the specific consultants.
    2. Constant research to get better products and materials is done with other industry associates.
    3. The best possible products and vendors are engaged after a rigorous process of selection by management.
    4. Timeline for delivery and constant monitoring of progress and quality is done along with promoters and engineers in charge.
    5. Each vendor, contractors bills are immediately send to accounts and payments released on time to ensure timely progress.

The Combined team ensures that the customer experience with relation to banks, accounts, hassle free legalities, documentation at doorstep and Convenient Registrations are the best in industry and customer need not be spending time on these activities.


    • Always willing to help associates and share appropriate information.
    • Updating customer periodically and giving door step service as much as possible.
    • Seeking help of senior management in case of any support required.

Process Adhered

    1. Each person has specific tasks and roles which he has to update to senior management on a regular basis.
    2. Customer is shared all relevant information and provided with all documents and support possible.
    3. Senior management is directly engaged in every process and is available to any customer or associate if needed