Success of our commitment lies in having the numerous industry experts who associate with us to create dwellings which are crowned jewel for people who purchased.  If you share the values of honesty, transparency, committed to deliver on time with quality and integrity we invite to associate with us

You can associate with us on multiple accounts. Open relevant section below to view details and reach out to us.


We are constantly in search of new parcels of land that are strategically located for Developments of residential Budget Apartment or layouts.We adhere to our core philosophy of building trust by forging strong partnerships with all players in our ecosystem. We believe in long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial and pursue this through inclusive growth.


    • Preferably in East Bangalore.
    • 0.5 acres to 3 acres for budget apartment.
    • 3 acres to 5 acres for layouts.
    • We only take land on Joint Venture.
    • All land parcels must come with clean and clear titles and be free of all municipal or other encumbrances. We don’t entertain / engage in dispute properties. We prefer to deal with genuine owners with good repute.

We Welcome Land owners /agents / aggregators / professional who are in direct sync with land owners. We are open to aboard right consultants and paying their fees on a suitable deal.

Our landlords are extremely happy with us and have been consistently providing us more land in their families, a clear indication of transparency and commitment we have in dealing fairly with people.


    • A clean dealing and a lifelong relationship
    • Immediate starting of projects on deal
    • Abiding with all govt statuary norms , taxes etc
    • Delivering the project on time.
    • An unmatchable quality of dwelling will be developed on your property
    • All commitment to land owner / agent will be honoured.


    • A clear and genuine marketable property
    • Expectation to abide by all govt norms, Taxes and terms.
    • Abiding with all terms and condition of Joint venture


Contact us for associating for Land


Investors are associated beneficiaries in every project who share the mutual profits in each upcoming projects.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and High Networth Individuals (HNI) who would like to invest for a significant Returns can partner with us. We are constantly charting out new projects in order to expand our geographic footprint. All our projects are strategically located and affordably priced, so returns are quick and regular on all our projects. Further, investors can avail several benefits as a part of various incentives announced by the Govt. of India.

We have varied types of opportunities such as barter, Upfront payments or Equated Installments. We invite people from facets of life who would like to earn a significant profit by associating with us. Amount can start from 20 lakh and can exceed up to 5 cr.



    • A clean dealing and a lifelong relationship
    • Great Offers
    • No Speculative Figures
    • Assured and Safe returns
    • Complete Transparency
    • Investment invited only on commencement of projects
    • Duration maximum of 2 years per investment cycle
    • Support on Exits
    • Abiding by all govt norms, Taxes and terms.
    • Completing Project on time with Quality Promised


    • Expectation to abide by all govt norms, Taxes and terms.
    • Timely Honouring of Commitments of transaction.
    • Spreading the word to support in Sales
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We work with quality partners to ensure our global quality of deliverables. Suppliers of all construction material, fixtures, fittings and décor products can benefit from our Exclusive Vendor Program. Contractors and Such vendors will be evaluated through an indigenous process and be granted exclusive contracts for upcoming projects. This will help them with volume sales and increased ROI from their business.



    • All terms and conditions of contract will be abided.
    • 100% payment on time committed.
    • A complete fair and transparent system to match Quantity, Delivery and accounts.
    • Product, Service evaluation will be done in all fairness and no personal preferences by company or its team members is being entertained.


    • Vendor/ contractor will abide by the terms and conditions of contracts
    • No vendor/ contractors will extend offer favour to any employee of company to gain order or contracts.
    • Vendor/ contractor will adhere to the quality, delivery and will give support in any post installation if any unforeseen problem
    • Any vendor/ contractor found in engaging in any malpractices such as offering any favours, change in quality / quantity / poor service/ tax evasions will be not entertained by our projects
Contact us for associating as a Vendor


We are fortunate that More than 30 Channel Partners (Realtors) have been supporting us by promoting our project in their clientele .They are our extended family and support us in sales of our properties, right from the launch stage.To name a few Prestigious Names Like Anarock, Moco Prop, 24 by 7, Aaj Marketing, Analytical Investments, Synergy Realty, Miracle Realty, Inforprop  etc.We invite professional from the industry to work with us



    • All customer of channel partner will be blocked in their respective name for 3 months from date of sending the lead.
    • All their leads will be followed and send regular reports
    • No customer of the channel partner will be bypassed in any scenario.
    • No customer will be given any false assurance on project features or timelines and hence channel partner can be at absolute peace of mind that no customer will ever be dissatisfied for recommending our Projects.
    • After Execution of sale agreement with customer, once channel partner submits the bill within 5 working days we will completely clear their Consulting charges
    • We will ourselves follow the payments with customers and only in dire situation seek support of channel partners. 


All leads to be send by official mail by registering via email or our portal.Customer if not pre-registered with us, a confirmation mail will be send that customer is pre-registered in your name.In case of customer is already registered with us, same will be intimated.



    • A dedicated relationship manager will be assigned to you.
    • We are willing to show site to your client and follow on them if you wish
    • All marketing collateral we can share with your branding in order for you promote the same among your clientele
    • On our portal you will be shown as official channel partner.
    • Any support suitable from time to time will be given.
    • Special offers will be updated on periodic basis
    • High-performing partners will be involved and will receive frequent updates on the status of the project.

Expectation from Channel Partner needs to adhere to the below guidelines:  

    • Have a registered office address, GST No , PAN No, Rera No
    • Significantly influence in the closing of a sale as evidenced by accompanying the prospective customer to the project site, introducing the prospective customer to the sales team member/relationship manager and bringing the prospective customer to Project Site or Meeting with Uniidus Projects Team.
    • Communicate project related details to the prospective customer as per Uniidus Projects guidelines, for instance with respect to payment time-lines, project completion dates, project details. The booking form, Home Buyers guide, Project pricing and payment schedule, Sale and Construction agreements are good references
    • Abide by the Uniidus Projects brand guidelines on advertising materials and clearly mention their own company name, contact details on all marketing collateral’s developed and/or used
    • Not indulge in sharing of channel partner fee with customers
    • Not unnecessarily interfere with the day to day functioning at project sites, Marketing and Sales offices, Corporate office
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We intend to keep this information limited for internal purpose. However we may use your personal information to identify you or recognize your requirements. We always welcomes any comments or queries regarding the property.

Saritha Developers reserves the right to change this policy in any manner at any time without prior notice. If we make material changes to our privacy policy, the same will be updated on the website.

We wish to inform you that our website is being revised and updated in line with RERA requirements. Hence, the images, stock photos, architect’s perspective of the rendered elevation etc., should be deemed to be or constitute, solicitations & marketing offer including within the rules and regulations set under the purview of the RERA. Since this process of updating our website will be on for some time, we request your continued co-operation till we complete the updating process. Please note, that we will not be accepting any bookings or allotments based on the images, material, stock photography, projections, details, descriptions that are currently available and/or displayed on the website. You are therefore requested to verify directly, all details and aspects of any proposed plans to book with Saritha Developers.

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