At SARITHA Projects, we take pride in building a community. A community filled with the sounds and sights of friendship, celebration, joy and laughter.We focus on delivering high quality homes that you can cherish, giving you a feeling of togetherness.Following are moments captured from some of the events we crafted for our residents.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Every year we invoke the blessing of our Holy Deity in our apartments by celebrating Ganehsa in a grand way. Worship of Ganesha with distribution of prasadam is done for planned days. Residents have grand time planning various events which consists of frolic of activities for everyone such as fancy dress, drawing completion, fashion show,one minute games, rangoli, singing etc. Holy god is immersed in water on the last day in a  magnificent feast of dancing and enjoyment by everyone

Because of builder we are able to know each other.Otherwise we are staying in the home and doing daily works and not trying to know our neighbours. Builders organising social gathering and events like Ganesh Chaturthi. We get huge gathering and we get to each other. So really thankful to them.

A Happy Customer

Resident Elegance

Diwali Celebrations

The Festivals of Diyas is celebrated sporadically in the company of all the apartments’ owners. Neighbors become friends and friends become family as we enjoy each other’s company in a celebrative evening coupled with host of Games, Grandeur of entertainment and extravaganza of prizes while everyone delightfully enjoys lip smacking food.

We got a very good builders and they are doing a lot of activities to increase participation of everyone.


Resident Elegance

Generally in every apartment Residents and builders don’t know each other. But here builders are organizing events so that we get to know each other. If we need some help we can easily approach the developers.

A Happy Customer

Resident Elegance

Sports Events

Occasionally we Organize a Sports Day with all the owners and tenants of all our previous apartments.An Inter Apartment Cricket match is organized and the winning apartments takes the prized trophy of the day.Day is fun filled with sports activities for toddlers, adolescent, elders and ladies too. Live Music, Desi Commentary,Grand prizes and sumptuous meals make the day a lifelong cherished memory as every person comes to know not only his apartment residents but as well as his neighbourhood.

Relationship with developers is not just of customers and builders. It’s more like friendship and I really appreciate Raj & all other people who organised this event. So looking forward for few more this kind of events.


Resident Ambience

It’s a nice event, a great work by the developers. The only task we are having is forcing children to have lunch as they don’t want to stop playing. very good fun day today. We are happy about this.

Kumar Guru

Resident Ambience

We all gathered here to have some fun. We are enjoying seeing my father playing cricket. We are having a great time here.


Resident Opulence

I booked a flat in Opulence, its 2016. The experience today what I am feeling here is really unique experience. It is really awesome conducting Cricket Match & other games. I am enjoying a lot.


Resident Opulence

Event was very nice, it was very entertaining and we had a lot of fun, the food was very nice and we are fully satisfied. Thanks.

A Happy Customer

Resident Saritha

Builder / Flat Owner Interaction

Every time when we hand over apartments, we invite enthusiastic participation from all owners to share their Thoughts, concerns and ideas. While Residents are gleefully doing interiors of their house and planning to shift at the Earliest, we focus on improvement of dwelling. All meeting are presided by the promoters of Saritha Developers and Owners of the complex. This helps everyone to know each other, to ensure appropriate information flow, to certify all Commitments given at pre sales are honoured. Typically we do such meetings three to four time or as apt and address Every thoughts. Post-Handover we celebrate in a grand style once everyone has settled in comfortably.


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